Accellos, a provider of supply chain execution and retail management software solutions, has announced that the new Accellos Performance Group (formerly PROFITgroups) is now open to all home goods and furnishings retailers. The proven, 20 year old group is aimed at helping members achieve rapid business improvement through peer-to-peer interaction and financial benchmarking. The Accellos Performance Group’s first meeting will be held in early November, in San Diego, CA. “Accellos Performance Group membership benefits include the opportunity to focus on the big picture, learn best practices from other dealers and expert guest speakers, as well as get a burst of motivation to go back and keep working toward that greater goal,” said Laura Crowley, Crowley Furniture.

Lead by experienced consultants Wayne McMahon and David McMahon, performance group members meet in person twice a year. Each meeting is hosted by a group member, in their city where all participants are able to tour the hosts’ store and warehouse, offering feedback, suggestions for process improvement, and other ideas for growth.

The meetings focus on a variety of home goods and retail industry specific topics including: Sales, Advertising, Delivery, Warehousing, and Distribution.

On May 29th at 2PM EST, David McMahon will be joined by two veteran group members, Paul Sherman, of Sherman’s, Inc., and Brian Garrison, of Garrison’s Home Furnishings, for a discussion on the benefits and ROI of performance groups. The two business owners will share how actively participating in a performance group has helped their business, as well as the practices that group members use to act as a catalyst for their growth. To register for the upcoming webinar titled “The Power of Performance Groups”, visit

“Throughout the years, I have experienced the power of performance groups first hand. We’ve seen our members improve the efficiency of their home furnishing business operations, as well as maximize sales, profitability, and cash flow,” said Wayne McMahon, Consultant and Performance Group Leader, PROFITsystems, Accellos. “Once a store owner or manager joins, they stay for life. Some of our group members have been with us for almost 20 years and continue to find value in the interaction with other professionals. Additionally, members develop a camaraderie which exists outside of their day-to-day operations which allows them to achieve greater heights than what they would have been capable of on their own.”