According to Google, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) will often require slow-but-cheap connectivity, pretty much the opposite of what wireless carriers offer today. The company has challenged carriers to make this IoT plan known so developers and customers can begin to plan their futures. Google’s Don Dodge says current mobile plans are poorly suited for a world in which a customer owns many devices that send small amounts information infrequently. Dodge, Google’s developer advocate, made the remarks at the recent MIT Technology Review Digital Summit.

Dodge used the example of a sensor on a dumpster that sends small amounts of information daily or even weekly not being a good match for today’s monthly cellular plans. While some companies today have fleets of mobile data devices on a single lower-cost contract that may not be a good pricing model, either. Because most of this communication will be device-to-device, customers may be unaware of how much data is being sent. Even sending real-time information, such as heart rate or blood glucose measurements may require only teensy amounts of bandwidth.