Last night I downloaded the red alert app even though I'm not living in Israel.  I wanted to  how often the siren was really going off and what it would feel like to be disrupted during my day.

Well since I got up this morning and the last four hours siren has sounded 11 times.  And I thought about it were standing what I'm doing that I really get to a safe place in 15 seconds? If I reached a place of 15 seconds but that place will really be safe from shrapnel and explosions?

Fifteen to 90 seconds before a rocket flies into Israel, nearly 600,000 people receive the same cellphone notification: "Rockets Attack" it reads, followed by the name of an Israeli city.

Only seconds separate the phone ping from sirens that blare in Israel whenever a rocket is launched from Gaza. But those few seconds are an extra cushion for Israelis who sprint to a bomb shelter to take cover.

More than 550,000 Israelis have downloaded the Red Alert phone app, says its co-creator, Ari Sprung, an Android developer for an Israeli start-up who 12 years ago was a tank commander in Israel's army.

But the app also has become popular among Israel supporters internationally, Sprung said from Jerusalem. It has been downloaded by 50,000 people outside Israel - most of them with relatives in Israel or supporters of Israel who want to follow events in real-time.

You'll find below links to both the android  and the iPhone versions of the app I recommend you try it out it's quite dramatic when it goes off and you're not ready!

Red Alert provides real-time alerts every time a terrorist fires rockets, mortars or missiles into the State of Israel.  iTunes App

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