"Mac users now have simpler and more seamless access to their data using this new version of Tableau Desktop. It's specifically designed from the ground up to take advantage of the user interface and rich Retina displays that the Mac OS offers," said Chris Stolte, Chief Development Officer and co-founder of Tableau Software. "Another key feature of this release is Story Points, which will help people add extra context, flow and guidance to tell a more structured story with their data.",People are drowning in data – on the web, in spreadsheets and in databases. In order to take advantage of all of that data, people need to find new ways to harness it and unearth the insights that inform decisions. Tableau Story Points provides a vehicle to tell visually compelling, interactive narratives that bring insights and actions to life. Customers using the Tableau 8.2 beta since April have this to say:

  •  "Tableau's Mac beta has allowed our creative team to collaborate closely with our BI analysts and marketers to develop a rich collection of professional, polished reports that showcase Allrecipes unique insights to our sales team, partners and the food media," said Grace Preyapongpisan, Vice President of Business Intelligence at Allrecipes.com. "Now our talented design teams can create and share polished, professional and insightful reports, which is critical for our success as a business and as a brand."
  • "Our goal with deploying Tableau is a cultural change around data, where people are able to easily get to the data quickly, ask advanced questions, explore, tell stories and derive insights," said Anja Canfield-Budde, Director, Enterprise Data and Analytics, with University of Washington Information Technology. "We have been testing Tableau 8.2 to see how it will impact our existing dashboards. There are a couple of features we are particularly excited about, specifically Story Points and Tableau Desktop for Mac. As a large institution with diverse users of Tableau products, Tableau Desktop for the Mac and the ability to tell the stories behind the visualizations makes us super excited and productive."