Tableau Software, a data discovery and emerging analytics vendor, has teamed up with Indian IT outsourcer Infosys in a BI partnership that aims to help both companies capitalize on big data. The partnership will essentially combine the strengths of each company, as Tableau is offering up its analytics technology in exchange for the talent pool and client reach of Infosys. More specifically, Infosys plans to integrate Tableau’s software into the tools it offers clients. The outsourcer also plans to use its global training outposts to create an army of Tableau experts within the company — a goal that will likely be made easier given Infosys' plans to up its US workforce by more than 1,500. "We have seen substantial interest from our clients in Tableau as a great way to bring the power of visualization and business intelligence to end-users," said Vishal Sikka, CEO of Infosys. "We will bring our scale and expertise in mission critical enterprise software solutions, big data and in education and training, together with the power of Tableau analytics and visualization to help enterprises rethink business intelligence." Tableau recently reported its sixth consecutive quarter of positive earnings results and its first $100 million revenue quarter, signaling the significant momentum building up behind the company’s enterprise push.