Arcbazar Logo Is the most disruptive business to hit the architecture and design space since the computer aided design. Its first-of-its-kind online competition platform for small to large scale design projects makes it easy accessible for anyone with any size project to connect:  project owners, developers, architects and interior designers.  I recently became involved as a co-founder and CTO, which was originally started as an academic project at MIT by Dr. Imdat As to prove how design projects could be crowdsourced in a competition model, much like large-scale, high-profile projects (i.e. Freedom Tower, Presidential Libraries, etc.) have been organized for hundreds of years. $220K in seed funding has been provided to get the business started to fund this academic research, but late last year there was sizable and significant findings that have now spun out into dangerous business. I am part of the new management team this year which is responsible for building the strategy and technology to scale, and we’re looking for right investment partners to fuel our growth.  Houzz is showing adamant growth in a very short time, yet our offering is a natural extension and more custom/tangible for the project owner.  We have also just added John Lansing (co-founder and former CEO of HGTV) and Michela O’Connor Abrams (chief executive officer of Dwell Media) to our Board of Directors, both an honor and signs of validation from the industry. fills the need that all too often clients could not find an easy and affordable way to engage an architect or designer. In a few simple steps, a customer can launch a competition for something as small as a residential bathroom or a commercial office space. Instead of engaging with one designer at the conceptual stage the average project has nine submissions from all over the world. There is a Q&A form where clients can answer questions by designers and everyone sees the response keeping the playing field level. Designs move into a voting stage as in “American Idle” the system helps score theses votes and then client picks 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Money is awarded to the on a 60 – 30 – 10 percentage based on how they placed in the competition. We have just added Hire a Designer function so after the client wants additional working drawings or other changes they can engage the designer through our system.

Let me know if you or someone you know might be a good fit; we can set up a call and walk you through the platform and opportunity.



Any client can launch a design competition at arcbazar: a renovation job, an addition to the home, modeling of retail space, the design of an entire family home, a landscape project, a mixed-use development, or any other architectural design project. The client describes the project, uploads images, and provides basic dimensions.

Once the basics of a project are uploaded, it is enlisted in arcbazar's competitions page. Here, designers can sign-up to participate in these enlisted design challenges. Clients set the award money, the project timeline, and rank all design submissions eventually. Arcbazar then distributes the grant money among the first three ranked winners.

step-by-stepAs easy as 1, 2, 3

Arcbazar's innovative business model connects clients and designers through architectural competitions. Customers benefit because they get multiple design solutions at an affordable cost. Designers benefit, because they win cash, improve their portfolios, and step into the professional world through real and exciting design challenges.

We verify all competition projects. We have built an easy and intuitive user interface, and various competition tools to help clients describe their design challenges. Safety and privacy are top priorities of Our competition mechanism distributes aliases to designers for each competition. This allows designers to keep anonymous while at the same time assures that clients make their ranking decisions purely on merit. Privacy of clients is also fully protected unless otherwise chosen. Please see our privacy policy for more information.