Vengeo is a consolidated suite of online eMarketing Automation tools, including Web Hosting, Web Publishing, Email Blasting, Surveys/Forms, Calendar, Social Event marketing, File Sharing, with the ability to integrate third-party tech tools, all for a very low price of $199 per year.  We previously sold 24 clients for $588 to $2488 per year, so we proved our model!

 WHAT IS Vengeo …..Web Publishing is the smallest component!!!

 WEB PUBLISHING: Those critics only see the Vengeo website.  They DO NOT know what we’ve built underneath!!  They think we created a website construction tool.  Yes, we have a fantastic web publishing tool, PET, better than WordPress, Weebly, WIX, Squarespace, Yola, the Vengeo publishing tool is a killer APP!!!  We built our website with it, NONE of those other guys did that!!

 Visit  and and  These are companies that use Vengeo.  We have many more waiting for us to launch!  They could use any other application, but they use vengeo because it is much easier.  WordPress cannot build the websites like these without using a third-party developer.  In fact Hodgson Mills had a quote of $15,000 to make their 59 pages, but with Vengeo it cost them $4400!!!  And they update it themselves regularly!!  Most WordPress sites need coding, not a lie!! 

MORE TOOLS - MORE THAN PUBLISHING:  In fact, most Small Business (SMB) and Non-profits (NFP) don’t care so much about building a website (see attached uWaterloo Study), they really need to update or add-on regularly, which costs them a lot of time, energy, hassle.  Which I’m all too familiar with 🙂 they require social engagement tools more than their web publishing, and they need them to be secure and readily accessible.  So with our PET web publishing tool, we also BUILT 5 other instruments:  Email Blasting (like Constant Contact), Calendar (like Google Calendar), Social Event Marketing (like EventBrite), Surveys/Forms (like Survey Monkey and Form Maker), and File Sharing (like Drop Box).  None of those companies have all the tools we have!!  And all of them charge way-way way more than we do, generally $9-$79 per month.  Now obviously we’re not as rich but SMBs and NFPs don’t have that money and don’t need that richness.  Our system is $199 per year, for all 6 tools!!   And we will be adding web hosting for free!!!  ç WEB HOSTING FOR FREE!!

EVEN MORE TOOLS – THE BEST:  but all the above is just the start.  Underneath we built an infrastructure to allow us to add more tools, eCommerce, CRM, Analytics, Data Tools, HR Tools, Financial Tools, Video Tools, Mobile.  The companies that supply these tools charge $9-$49 per month, and we plan to charge $12 to $24 per month.  In fact, we already have Solgenia waiting to provide their products, and Scott’s Directories, and Sarolta Video.  None of our competitors have these capabilities, so it is unfair to be compared to them.

 Our plan across over 3 x 6month phases is to be the



 The University of Waterloo did a study early summer (see attached) which shows how SMB want many tools all in one place!!!  And they want to pay for it, not use free tools and want it to be economical.  UW estimated we would capture 3% of the global market owned by WordPress, WiX, Weebly, SquareSpace 140,000,000.   We estimate only 0.1% which still translates into 140,000 clients in 3 years generating for Vengeo $14,000,000 to $64,000,000 each year!!

 We had five other tech companies consider Vengeo as an investment this past year, three had made us an offer, but in each case, their demands were too ridiculous.  Regardless, these are very tech savvy tech companies, so, of course, they know the market and understand the landscape and the ability for Vengeo to penetrate that market.  Each of them sent a person to evaluate Vengeo, and look at our code, and determine whether it was worthy of an investment.  They wouldn’t waste their time if they didn’t feel we had something serious.  They have their way of structuring deals, so some run out of time, and others are bad partners, but ALL of them have made an offer!!  That’s the ultimate belief that Vengeo has something!! 

 I’m not necessarily looking for a lot of money.  I’m looking for the right partner, or the right fit to take Vengeo to a new level.

 We have one signed distributor in Singapore (CONTRACT!), and we have several pending Territory Sales Partners wishing to be our Foreign Sales distribution companies willing to market Vengeo in their territories to receive 40-50% portion.  They are all waiting for Vengeo to launch!!

 Rebellium – signed a contract and waiting to launch to begin sales in Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia….their biggest hope is to push Vengeo through SingaporeTel (like Bell and Rogers) to market Vengeo to their client base (SMBs + NFPs)

Luciano Samut – pending deal after we launch for Caribbean

Middle East – pending, we have two prospects to push Vengeo to education market

China – pending, we have a chinese lady in Shenzhen for 100 ESL schools

Japan – pending, Fujitomo fund have a marketing agency willing to push Vengeo

GrameenTel, Asif is arranging discussions, like Bell


 We have launched and sold 2 previous products, but our clients asked us to scale the product, which has cost us two years in lost momentum.  And we were subject to economy, fickleness, infrastructure changes, security, etc……Nobody is perfect, but it gave us material to work from so nothing was lost, just needed a shift.  Every major tech company on the internet has done a pivot: 



 Competition isn’t about timelines - new competitors ALWAYS come, and there is always new top dogs, and there is always room for a new good product for a small percentage of sales, which will translate into very significant revenue.  The problem is the ‘tech-savvy reviewers’ think they know what we have built underneath and what we’re going to launch!!!!!!!!  So it’s unfair to judge Vengeo against a base product!  If they should have doubt it should be about our ability to deliver it – but that is a money issue!

 WHY Small Business (SMB) & Non-Profits (NFP) WILL BUY Vengeo

Vengeo’s product mix is unique.  Even if there are many big players with some similar products, our current mix, pricing, and killer web app will engage a lot of customers.  But more than that, the ‘under-the-hood’ construction will allow us to add more tools and other tech partners’ tools (Solgenia and many others).  Nobody has this feature capability, so it’s not fair that we’re judged against simple tools!!

Confirmed by University Waterloo study of 24 SMBs in KW region  (see attached email trail)


 We have already got Associations, Knightsbridge, Rogers Communications, SingTel and Territory Sales Partners very interested, because THEY understand that we’re not just another competing marketing product!!  We have a unique partner model that will give them 50% of sales to push it to Phone companies and other Internet portals.



Selling Price



Vengeo core products (web host, publishing, emails, calendar, surveys/forms, file sharing), 1 license per year


Each additional license per year, per person


Price per month, per person, for each additional 3rd party product.  These will be 'dumbed down' products from our tech partners, with 33% of that revenue going back to the vendor to permit enough room for discounts and commission down the line.

20% to 30%  (Affiliate)

Residual (Commission) to an Affiliate, Association, Sales Partner.  The percentage amount depends on their size (member base), sales potential, member base type, etc.  Example could be Chambers of Commerce, BIAs, Multi-branch Charities, Private School boards,  Franchisors, Trust Companies, Product vendors (selling complementary products), 3rd-Party Product Vendors (integrated product into Vengeo that they market to their existing client base), Community groups, Telcos, ISPs, etc.   For their effort to promote Vengeo to their member base, the head of the member base (tier) can split the commission or offer a discount to their member base.  Generally, my team and I will promote Vengeo solely to the top level, that is, these early Vengeo accounts will be sold initially locally, by me and other sales associates (whom will receive a commission permitting Vengeo to retain a minimum of 50% after sales affiliate and sales commission), then slowly expand outwards.  As the model gains traction, we will leverage those initial relationships into other cities first in Ontario, then across Canada and then quietly in the USA.  In most cases the TSPs (see below) will be organizing these types of Affiliate sales in their own regions (countries). We have early discussions with Rogers Communications, SingaporeTel and GrameenTel (Bangladesh), Knightsbridge Human Capital, Cystic Fibrosis (50 branches), Trillium Waldorf Private schools (??), a 450 church Catholic Group in South Africa (??), HMV music (??), YouthDay Global.   With a Telco it may be necessary to give them up-to 50% to permit them a cut and member discount.

30% to 50%  (TSP)

Residual (Commission) to Territory Sales Partner (TSP).  These are a ‘company or agent’ representing their country or group of countries that have an extensive relationship in that region(s) with large volumes of Small Businesses, Non-profits, and Education, or have connections to significant tiers specifically in their region(s), AND, they are able to market the Vengeo brand extensively in their country.  The portion they receive for their effort (percentage amount) depends on their level of penetration, territory size and demographic, sophistication, history, experience, etc.  For example, we have signed our first TSP for Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia.  Also in discussion Caribbean for 27 credit unions, and Middle East for the education market.  If the TSP agent wants to sign an Affiliate then he negotiates the deal within their region, and split his residual.  Vengeo always maintains their initial share.  Sales are tracked by IP address.



Anticipated Sales Targets

The web publishing world is ‘owned’ by a handful of companies:  WordPress, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, Drupal, Joomla, Yola and some other smaller players.  Regardless, they have a good percentage.  They have about 140,000,000 clients around the world, representing about 24% of that market; the rest is done in-house, designers, small agencies, etc.

We asked the University of Waterloo to examine the sales potential when they did their study in KW region of Small Businesses.  They estimated that 3% to 30% would consider a Vengeo solution.  I’m predicting that we can achieve 0.1% absorption from clients using the existing competing platforms, recognizing that they only offer one of our solutions. Thus Vengeo becomes a much more appealing platform:  One low price, one location, one database, one login, one learning method, and integrated 3rd-party products.

ESTIMATION:   140,000 clients by the third year.  After affiliate and discounts, Vengeo gets $100 per customer.  $14,000,000 annual revenue.  If you assume we will sell additional licenses and third-party products, we could generate another $100 to $200 per year per client.  It will be a slow start; Y1 = $170k.  Y2 = $2,500k.  Y3 = $8m to $14m.   So potentially $28m to $42m per year…….ok, maybe 5th year?? 🙂 

Regardless, Vengeo sales will be significant enough to attract an exit strategy, a buyer, likely a competitor or partner, at 2 to 5 x revenue = $30m to $70m.


 Some Samples of living sites on our BETA site…




Please visit www.vengeo.NET 

Vengeo Rogers Presentation

Founded:March 1, 2008

Employees:11 - 50 | 2 in CrunchBase

Vengeo ( is 4 year old tech start-up in Toronto, we’ve received just over $1.1m. Vengeo is a social-media-enhancement suite of integrated marketing tools including, Web Page publishing, Email Blasting, Surveys/Forms, BlogCommenting & Chatting, Calendars, Subscriptions, File Transfer, and Content collaboration, with many unique advantages, compared to any other online tools. Our one-price 'one-stop-shop' model competes against other entrenched one-product models, such as for Web Pages the competitors might be: Squarespace, Sitemasher, WordPress, Joomla, Vista, Webstarts, Weebly, and while others may offer some overlap in web page production, unfortunately they are missing many of the other tools, as is the case for our many other proprietary communication tools that are similar to Mail Chimp, iContact or Constant Contact, Survey Monkey, Form Maker, DropBox/YouSendIt, Google Calendar, EventBrite, PowerPoint, etc, all have singular capabilities.

We're like the Swiss Army knife of social media tools. Our pricing is all-inclusive, with unified data on secure Canadian Servers away from prying eyes, unified login, consolidated accounts payable, and equivalent to just ONE third-party tool, for the entire year!

And because we can deliver most of our tools as web links, or embedded into our proprietary web page publishing tools, or supplied as HTML iFrame Plugins, our clients can provide content in places and ways they couldn't before, while organically increasing their SEO results without added costs - our customers tell us we cannot be beat!

Now, we are starting to aggregate 3rd-party tools including Web Hosting (draft agreement with Canadian Web Hosting), e-Commerce, Teleconferencing, CRM, Hiring Tools, and looking to build APIs for several others.

We also have a 'Sharepoint' style hierarchical community management system (multi managers-subordinates) that permits 'super members' to create virtual Projects/Communities to collaborate/approve of all their sub members' content.

Our system can be used as a standalone 'total access' tool-suite, or as a broader 'baby' Content Management Solution (CMS) for companies that can’t afford the big price but need the basics, and as a 'baby' Learning Management Solution (LMS) for education, competing against much larger systems...we can drop-in Vengeo as an enterprise solution.

Our primary focus is Small Business, NFPs, and Education where schools will pay a different pricing model for an enterprise solution. The typical Small Business plan is priced at $588 to $1188 per year, compared to the same cost for ONE single competing tool. All the instruments are blended into each member’s account to give any organization a low-cost high-value suite of tools, at ready access without the client’s extra time for research, expense.

We have over 900 beta free users but recently went into revenue March 2012, very quickly selling two dozen SMBs, with over 60 in the funnel. Also, we're starting to scale, now in discussion with a few business communities as well as with education pilots in 3 Ontario colleges and the entire country of El Salvador's Ministry of Education.