Medical Project Health Card Validation

Integration with existing radiology solution and the Ontario Health Insurance Program OHIP. The requirement for secure patient and doctor login to personal health records. Secure login includes recording GEO location, IP, and machine MAC address.

The online inventory provides a comprehensive list of strategic and tactical eHealth assets integral to transitioning Ontario’s EHR from the current to the future state. Key to driving investment decisions across the province in a unified direction, the inventory catalogs existing and planned assets throughout the province and sorts them into two categories:

  • Strategic – those aligned with Ontario’s eHealth Blueprint and the future-state EHR; and
  • Tactical – those currently required to enable EHR adoption, but ultimately may not be permanent components of the future EHR.

This delineation helps eHealth information technology decision-makers make more strategic long-term investments.

The repository of information retained by the ministry relating to medical claims submitted by providers for services provided to eligible residents. This OHIP database is used in assessing and processing claims.

Validates patient information against the client registry before setting the patient context for other portlets on the page to help ensure data belongs to the correct patient.


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