Our Approach For Investors

People and organizations that invest in entrepreneurial businesses understand that there are risks, and are interested in generating value while managing, balancing and minimizing those risks. @CIOBrody Consulting works with this community to help ensure that the investments they make generate optimal returns as consistently and efficiently as possible.

Assessing the Risks and Opportunities

We undertake structured analysis and diligence activities to ensure that business execution capabilities and actions of potential portfolio companies align with their stated strategic intent. Your diligence activities will be augmented with clear and measurable operational assessment, and entrepreneurs will experience a rewarding process that helps them to gain greater control of their business growth.

Building the Model for Performance

We create strategies for business growth based on best practices, common sense and efficiency. Extraordinary results can be delivered with scarce resources, and we've had the opportunity to experience and utilize approaches that work. We'll translate those experiences into meaningful plans that allow your portfolio companies to exceed objectives and to grow systematically.

Executing the Model

We have the resources, tools, and expertise to assist your portfolio businesses in consistently executing their growth plan. We lead sales groups, drive marketing, and web lead generation activities, build value-adding partnerships and strategic alliances and engage prospects to direct deal cycles. Results are brought in consistently, and entrepreneurs will learn how best to drive their business.