Many startups aren’t successful with their original business concept.  The ones that eventually succeed have usually modified their original design to reach their market.  This “evolution” that a startup goes through can cost a lot of money and time.  Our goal is to minimize initial costs and timelines by putting the startup’s core growth assumptions to the test as quickly as possible.

To do this, we work with, or help refine, the startup's defined use case and Minimal Viable Product (MVP), then using our advisor network, we connect the startup with early adopters willing to test the concept in a real world pilot.  Of course, we don’t always succeed.  If you do manage – great. But, when it comes to finding an initial customer, sometimes our network falls short.  And sometimes the assumptions you’re validating do not prove right.  Our goal is not to achieve a 100% success rate, but rather to help you learn, to “fail fast and fail cheap” and move on to the next experiment / iteration.  Using an agile methodology, we help startups to pivot based on what is learned in early trials, and (as our name implies) to have a profit generating product within 180 days.