Sales Approach For Businesses

Our intent is to be the go-to sales accelerator for start-ups and restarts across North America. That won’t happen unless we’re obsessive about you and your business.

The overall objective of Brody Consulting is to help to expand companies fulfill their potential and take off. We work with businesses at all stages of their growth journey, from the most immature start-ups to companies close to acquisition or IPO. Our aim in all cases is to be a critical positive force in helping them reach the next stage of their journey.

Our customers benefit from our intense focus on execution. The product isn’t enough – a robust and scalable approach to sales and customer engagement is a must for business growth. We know from experience that we can’t let up. Take a look at some of our clients who have subsequently been acquired – the journey is worth it.

Third Core offers real sales help for growing companies, where and when it is needed the most. We take accountability for your sales performance - our success is dependent on yours.


We work with pre-funding startups to maximize their odds of success. We'll help you focus your efforts, design and execute a successful sales strategy, and assist you in seeking and negotiating with investors to ensure that you grow as fast as you want to.

Funded and Growing

Systematically building your business is immensely challenging, and funded startups looking to grow rapidly experience unique barriers and pressures. Brody Consulting will help you organize your selling resources and align your sales strategy to ensure that you hit the growth metrics both you and your investors desire.

Expanding and Exiting

Successfully building a company does not automatically lead to straightforward long-term outcomes. Brody Consulting has the experience and to help shorten your time to value. We will help you create, document, and execute the expansion and exit strategy that best drives value for your investors and stakeholders.