Solution Consulting

My mission is workplace peak performance. Not just fixing problems, but a commitment to genuine peak performance, using a generative solution-focused vision that raises standards, improves morale, and continually generates future improvements.

Daniel Brody has been helping organizations since 1995. Instead of looking on what is broken and how to fix it, I create solutions that enhance and expand performance. I have assembled a network of global resource to help execute any project.

Whether you want to fix a problem and raise the bar at the same time . . . or take a good organization and make it great . . . Daniel Brody will help.

Let Daniel Brody be your trusted technology advisor!

Project, Program and Institutional Management

  • Organizational and partnership management
  • Governance strategies and structures
  • Program development and coordination
  • Functional Budgets
  • Manufacturing execution management
  • Supply chain management
  • Audit mapping
  • Enterprise and business-unit management
  • Business process engineering
  • Contracts and grants management
  • Grant writing and grant-making
  • Corporate/organizational reform, restructuring and mergers

Custom Applications

All of our custom applications are built with intuitive interfaces to allow ease of use and minimal training. Your custom application can be a simple stand-a-lone application or an enterprise level client/server application running on your intranet or the World Wide Web.

We can offer several database storage options, among them Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle. Our database services include design, creation, and initial data population.

Your custom application can automatically interface with many other popular applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook.

Custom application services

  • design
  • creation
  • implementation
  • installation media
  • documentation and help files
  • on-site training
Database services

  • design
  • creation
  • initial data population
  • data normalization