Application Development

When packaged software is a bottle neck in providing the exact solution that your company needs than with Custom Application Development approach you can see through your business strategies to the end. With custom application gaining popularity for its adaptability to perfection, several changes are being introduced almost every day in the way custom development is being approached regarding its architecture and coding standards and implementation methodologies, etc… This has paved the way for many agile yet robust methods. Application Development Outsourcing ensures that geography no longer poses a hurdle. In fact, application outsourcing is a burgeoning industry in itself.

We deliver Custom Application Development solutions well within the context of your business objectives and strategies and above all well within the scope of the requirements.

Our custom solutions and applications development:

  • Always puts our clients well ahead of competition
  • Will address the particular requirements and also helps in bridging the gaps in the functionality provided by commercial packaged applications
  • Address aspects of the business process unique to your business
  • Address business processes for which solutions are unavailable in the market.

Some key features of our Custom Application Development approach:

  • Predefined methodologies and frameworks evolved from industry standards and experience
  • Structured and managed requirements definition process based on ISO and CMMi standards
  • Proprietary and third party tools expertise to improve effectiveness of the develop process
  • Process-oriented development methodology (ISO and CMMi)
  • Strong focus on quality (ISO)
  • Rigorous program management processes (CMMi)

Our delivery model is a virtual platform for custom application development and application outsourcing. With our new approach to custom application development services we can:

  • Outline the solution
  • Define the solution architecture
  • Develop prototypes for demos to user
  • Design solution details
  • Build the solution
  • Validate the solution against requirements
  • Roll out the solution across your organization and support the solution

Our team consists of domain experts who can define your requirements for practical solutions to your application development and outsourcing needs. Our teams filled with techno domain consultants who are unique to this particular activity.

Keeping your requirements in mind our team will come out with a suitable architecture that can even take your solution to the future without any hurdle without compromising on the performance. Our project management skill is an edge as it helps us provide clients with on time delivery through an efficient process, with quality and within budget.

We can assist you in any or all of the application development and outsourcing lifecycle stages.

Our Custom Application Development services include:

  • Architecture Consulting
  • Capacity Planning
  • Network Planning
  • Development
  • Testing