Oracle Announces Oracle Data Cloud

Oracle Data Cloud is designed to help business users drive smarter, more informed decisions across the enterprise; Oracle has announced Oracle Data Cloud and two new DaaS offerings, Oracle DaaS for Marketing and Oracle DaaS for Social. Oracle Data Cloud is a DaaS platform that includes Oracle's leading data products and the newly acquired BlueKai […]

Oracle Transition to Cloud Could Take Three Years

As noted, Oracle’s CEO mentioned that the transition to cloud software by the vendor won’t happen overnight. As the market leader, the database company must transition it’s application systems in which big companies and other enterprises pay upfront for one-year or longer licenses to use the proprietary software designed by Oracle, which customers maintain in […]

Oracle VM 3.3 Gives Spark Users Same Features as X86

The latest release of Oracle's software for managing virtual machines offers the same set of features to Sparc users as those who manage virtual machines on x86 servers. "With Oracle VM 3.3, a big part of the improvement is on the Sparc side," said Wim Coekaerts, Oracle senior vice president for Linux and virtualization engineering. […]

Oracle Introduces Oracle Solaris 11.2 Engineered for Cloud

Oracle has introduced Oracle Solaris 11.2, a modern cloud platform that melds efficient virtualization, application-driven software-defined networking (SDN) technology and a full OpenStack distribution. This powerful combination of an enterprise-class operating system and other components creates a highly efficient, compliant, secure, open and affordable software platform for cloud computing. With deep integration among Oracle Database, […]

Oracle weaves Fabric for MySQL clustering

Oracle has released a framework that allows multiple copies of the MySQL database to work in tandem, making it easier for organizations to easily run live backup databases and scale MySQL across multiple servers. "The Fabric manages a farm of MySQL servers," said Tomas Ulin, Oracle vice president of MySQL engineering. The open-source MySQL Fabric […]

Oracle To Adopt In-memory Computing

Oracle could be gearing up to make an anticipated in-memory computing option for its flagship 12c database generally available after hyping it for the better part of a year, judging from an upcoming appearance by CEO Larry Ellison. On June 10, Ellison will host a webcast titled "The Future of the Database Begins Soon," which […]

Oracle Adds OpenStack to Updated Solaris

Oracle has introduced a Solaris update that includes a distribution of the OpenStack cloud management platform, promising an easier time for Oracle customers running mixed cloud environments. Solaris 11.2 integrates several OpenStack components, including the Horizon dashboard, Nova compute module, Neutron network module and Cinder block storage module. It was released as a public beta […]