Daniel Brody - WMS Supply Chain Expert

WMS Implementation Project Leader, WMS Operational consultant, and WMS Application Developer. With many years of WMS design, development, and implementation experience, I have the experience, dedication, and product expertise to assist any company in a successful implementation of WMS systems.

  • Operational Consulting
  • Senior Project Management (Waterfall, Agile, Scrum)
  • Change Management Control
  • WMS Implementation Consulting
  • User and Technical Support Staff Training
  • Design and Development of Customizations

When I started working on a WMS barcode, it was 1992, and I was in the food distribution business with Timbuktu Natural Foods as VP of Operations and IT. I was the third customer for a company called RadioBeacon®. It was the only WMS system that was PC-based, and I wrote the specs for how RadioBeacon should operate in the Food and Drug industry. So you can say ‘I wrote the book’ on the first WMS geared toward small to midsize companies. In 1995 I joined RadioBeacon as VP of Professional Services. Besides revamping the WMS implementation process from 6 months down to 30 days –one of the only existing WMS companies to successfully offer such a timelines, I created the Value Added (VAR) training seminars for RadioBeacon resellers.

At RadioBeacon I completed more than 100 projects around the world in just about every industry where Just-In-Time distribution is key. Part of my duties besides managing many concurrent projects was working with clients on business process optimization. This required me to work –from the boardroom to the shop floor- to get consensus for positive change management. Since not every system can do everything, it was also my duty to provide product development feedback for the WMS team and design the right requirements for solution enhancements to meet client needs.

Later when I joined Steelman Software Solutions (a vertical market ERP MES for the metal industry) one of my early tasks was to assess the industry and create the functional requirements for a steel-industry based WMS module that would integrate tightly with manufacturing. Here I did some of my most complex work consolidating three disparate systems, and optimizing workflow from inbound through production and ultimately distribution. As this was for a publicly traded company with 1800+ employees, it required not just a significant amount of change management but also SOX compliance and adherence to ISO standards.

I have also consulted with SAP® and ORACLE® on the creation of their WMS modules, so more than once I have ‘written the book’ on the best WMS solutions.

I have been providing consulting services to companies vetting various WMS vendors when it came to the design, development, and implementation of a software solution for their warehousing/logistics needs. As a WMS SME, I would help my client understand and make sense of all the WMS nuances and factors that impact a company’s business rules and operating environment.

I have come to realize that businesses buying a WMS system need an "ace in the hole." They needed someone on their side that would take the time and has the knowledge to ask the right questions, to understand their business, and guide them through the WMS implementation process. Someone who owns the many different solution possibilities from across many industries, and can find the most optimal way to do things with the least pain and in a cost-effective manner.
That ‘ace in the hole’, their WMS subject matter expert, with the decades of experience across a vast array of industries, is me.
Please see my sample case studies below.